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Holly Stavnes


Donut Shops are Magical

Hear me out.. Who doesn't love a donut? Yes, they are the worst things in the world for you bla, bla, bla​ --​ I'll take two​. After a successful week of launching some rad projects​,​ ​we wanted to celebrate with a few donuts ​for the office​ (which has become a mini tradition here). Today ​I​ was going to get the donuts. Realizing I had never actually been in a donut shop​, I was intrigued. I am familiar with the classic…
October 23, 2015

The Fold Wants To Know…

  “Shouldn’t it be above the fold?” is a topic we run into time and time again due to the old stigma that suggests people don’t scroll. Lucky for us – there are hundreds of studies that suggest people DO scroll and even better – it’s preferable. Let us take you on a journey in time. History of “The Fold” The fold refers to the portion of the webpage that is visible without scrolling. This term was originated from the…
October 14, 2015

You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

We are so happy to announce that this last month we were the recipients of two Communicator Awards - taking home the Award of Excellence (1st place) in the Website - Event category for Qualcomm's 3G LTE Summit, and an Award of Distinction (2nd place) for the Website - Lifestyle category for Jacuzzi Baths. Big shout outs have to go to the project management teams that worked tirelessly on managing both of these projects as well as the designers and developers…
July 1, 2015

Ninthlink (Re)Presents Beautiful Organic Catering with Eco Caters

Another redesign relaunch in the books, as Ninthlink is proud to present the new look of Eco Caters Organic Catering : From overall information architecture cleanup to a total full-width design update to bring them hopefully at least a little bit closer to the present in terms of look and feel, from the first time we built their site in December 2007. Luckily we had used WordPress for them from the get-go, so even though everything got a fresh…
June 14, 2013