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A Life in Code

Aimee Sunshine-Hill and Charlotte Gapasin are Ninthlink's beautful goddesses of Code Writing.  Here, in their words, are some thoughts and musings about the balance between life and code. (more…)
May 7, 2009

The Importance of Planning

Instead of waxing poetic about "planning" and why it is essential, here are some quotes from famous and successful people over time that have said it better: (more…)
May 7, 2009

Passion and Leadership

The Responsibility of a Leader In times of both economic prosperity and uncertainy, the strength, stamina, confidence, enthusiasm, and positive outlook of leaders are needed in all sectors of society -- whether that leader is the President of the United States, a Senator,  CEO, COO, teacher, professor, pastor, reverend,  office manager, volunteer coordinator, and head of household, it is natural that some are born to lead the various flocks of communities: this is their calling, and burden. Such a role has great…
May 7, 2009

Sweet Design Info

In my ever growing quest to bookmark all the sweet design information pages on the internet, I have recently come across three web pages that caught my intrest. I wanted to post web pages in diffrent area's of intrest to attempt to intrigue a larger range of designers. Hopefully these may help or inspire you. (more…)
April 7, 2009