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Book Review: The Sociology of Blogging, by Jill Walker Rettberg

This isn’t yet another one of those “how to blog and make money” or “blogging for dummies” books that have flooded the bookstore shelves the past few years. This is the first book that takes a serious sociological view of how blogging has changed the nature of Internet-based communications, life writing, consumer marketing, and how the blog, in less than a decade, has integrated into our culture on many levels: politically, socially, economically, and personally. (more…)
October 30, 2008

Three Hot Websites

We’re always looking for the hottest in new websites. Here are three that we think you’ll find fascinating and potentially useful: Hip, Sexy Trading This “is where pop culture meets stock culture.” Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, host Julie, usually wearing something revealing, gets on the web and podcasts and examines a company whose stock is trading at or near an all-time high. She tries to find “the real world trend” that explains why the stock is doing so…
October 30, 2008

Celebrating Ninthlink Team: Mini-Interview with Alex Smith

We thought it would be fun to take a quick peek into the mind of one of our programmers, Alex Smith, and see what he is up to in this mini-interview . What we do know is that he that plays bass in local band The Modlins who won Best Pop Album of the year from the 2008 San Diego Music Awards. For the band, see this recent write up about The Modlins in the SD Reader. (more…)
October 30, 2008

Virtual Eye Candy: Digital Trends of Web Design

Like the ever-changing connection speeds to the Internet, design trends for an online presence move at an exponential rate—it is sometimes exhausting just to keep up with what's new, “in,” and popular. What is most important, however, is effectiveness. To be effective, a web page design must simply look good. With all things visual, though, good looks can be subjective. (more…)
September 18, 2008