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Ninthlink Successfully Launches using WordPress Business Ecommerce Themes.

Ninthlink successfully launched in May of 2012. We designed and programmed the website using an up and coming Wordpress Business Ecommerce theme from The entire Yachts Dealership was customized to fit multi-currency and brand requirements of Rags Design, a company based in both Europe and the US. According to Bridget Knol, owner of Rags Design, " has been a major factor in the success and recognition of Rags Design. The website has made is possible to share and…
June 15, 2012

Twitter gives you the bird

Looks like Twitter is steering away from it's old icons and forcing us good web dev teams to make changes to all sites that use the old Twitter icon. They give us the bird with new guidelines that they outline here. They DON'T Allow the birds referenced above : Talking birds, dying birds, a family of birds, really blue birds, birds on the ground, cartoon birds or birds with hair, SO BE CAREFUL HOW YOU GIVE THE BIRD! (more…)
June 14, 2012

How to Live Cancer-Free, Educating on Saving Life

This article was sent to me by my mom. She is a first aid instructor for WTA, so she is always keeping up to date with health related information. This email is one of those you forward on to people you care about, and save in your email archives to print out and live by.  That's why I'm sharing it with you! I truly believe in many of the philosophies on nutrition and while I don't have cancer and have…
January 14, 2011