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Rad Wrap Bracelets for 2011 – A Little Sparkle for your Everyday Life

The story of Rags Design started with my sister, Bridget Ragsdale Smisek Knol, a Southern California native  who uprooted her life by moving to The Netherlands to follow her true love. Once there she was left with the decision of finding work, so after working in the corporate world for almost 10 years, she decided to take a break and do something inspired by her creativity.  What started as a hobby and a personal passion has now evolved to Rags…
January 7, 2011

WP Commerce feeds Navy SEALS

Our latest launch is an awesome concept called Meals for SEALS, a company dedicated to providing nutritious, home-made meals for Navy SEALS and YOU.  If you want a home-made, healthy meal cooked by awesome local San Diego girls this is the site for you! provides an online menu where you can order meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, OR you can order 3 meals a day for the whole week, delivered to your doorstep. Using WordPress as the building…
September 9, 2010
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can you Neer me now?

We just helped launch a new website, a website that supports the new Android App "Neer".   The "Neer" app allows you to stay connected to those family members and friends that are closest to you. Check it out and let us know what you, you can visit the site to download the Android app, or just search "Neer" on the Android Market.
August 12, 2010

a fun day for ARNOLD, our newest mascot

Meet ARNOLD. He's quick to learn, has incredible character and skill, has a great head of hair, and keeps the Ninthlink crew on their toes, WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEE/MASCOT? (is it cool with everyone if he is our mascot? )! Arnold came to work today for the first time in a long time, he is my sweet little 1.5 year old boy boxer, and is kinda a momma's boy (although my husband would say otherwise). All day today he…
August 5, 2010

Wazzel is live and in yo’ FACE…BOOK

We are proud to announce the launch of another successful Facebook application, Wazzel Sports Brain! Yay, wahoo, its live, its fun, its sporty, it sucks you in and is very easy to distract you at work while trying to reach the next level.  In a nutshell, its a good salty one, so check it out on Facebook today : or you can play on their website at!
October 30, 2008