New 2014 Salient-based Website Style Guide
Full Width Background Row w/ left “Light” text H1

BG : Accent Color #F7A11A

“Full Width Content” Row
1/3 column text block w/ “4% Padding”

BG : Extra logo Color #CE8714

“Full Width Content” Row
1/3 column text block w/ “4% Padding”

BG : 3rd color here? #333?

“Full Width Content” Row
1/3 column text block w/ “4% Padding”

I am text block. This is an H2

This is paragraph text. 13px font-size. In the right 1/2 width column inside a 2 column layout row with padding. Blah blah bold. How are you doing today? Excellent. Lorem ipsum something something. Maybe I’ll just hipster ipsum…

This is an H3 right here. A little different than an H2

DIY wayfarers Vice, semiotics Wes Anderson Banksy ethnic tote bag chillwave chambray flexitarian. Narwhal keytar iPhone Pitchfork, vegan gentrify Neutra Schlitz disrupt church-key. Master cleanse brunch cray selfies narwhal, keytar chambray fap church-key meggings. Mustache DIY blog retro salvia. Biodiesel bitters single-origin coffee blog, locavore Austin ennui sustainable Odd Future viral banh mi readymade kale chips sartorial. Distillery biodiesel literally, aesthetic readymade artisan gastropub lo-fi VHS. Gluten-free Banksy sartorial tousled, chambray 90’s leggings freegan you probably haven’t heard of them stumptown Austin American Apparel trust fund.

H4 Headline a little bit smaller now

Lomo forage cornhole, Etsy next level salvia food truck seitan fap authentic beard banjo Marfa. Blue Bottle street art craft beer biodiesel deep v flannel. Mumblecore shabby chic lo-fi fingerstache, fap quinoa salvia PBR Portland Pitchfork wayfarers tofu trust fund wolf vinyl. Butcher normcore biodiesel kogi meh narwhal. Food truck McSweeney’s American Apparel, tote bag gluten-free church-key banh mi ethnic chillwave scenester Pitchfork cliche cray.

Here’s a 2/3 + 1/3 layout row (and another H2)

Craft beer tattooed blog gluten-free wolf, vinyl deep v. Cred banjo literally gentrify bitters authentic. Flannel brunch American Apparel kitsch, wayfarers freegan pickled Vice blog tote bag Shoreditch banh mi slow-carb. Narwhal banh mi leggings Banksy ethnic cliche. Umami Vice church-key jean shorts aesthetic Helvetica direct trade, roof party swag fingerstache gentrify Wes Anderson asymmetrical Etsy. Marfa typewriter drinking vinegar, polaroid Truffaut try-hard hella hoodie. Tousled cardigan tofu, before they sold out organic VHS chambray wayfarers Vice.

This is an example of an H5?

90’s Truffaut mlkshk, ethical literally slow-carb mixtape lomo tousled bitters. Echo Park mustache quinoa mumblecore twee, pop-up street art aesthetic PBR&B fanny pack cred tofu authentic cray. Meh PBR&B +1 chambray selfies, fap you probably haven’t heard of them farm-to-table ennui mustache. Semiotics Pitchfork keffiyeh, salvia 90’s kale chips pour-over cardigan. Swag food truck you probably haven’t heard of them church-key paleo, fap Cosby sweater craft beer banjo. Cliche plaid hoodie distillery leggings. Sartorial keffiyeh hoodie, meggings McSweeney’s beard pug swag.

  • “Fancy Unordered List”
  • Icon Type
  • Font Icon
  • icon-ok
  • Accent-Color
  • with Animation
  • compared to a
  • normal UL element
  • not as fancy
  • not as nice
  • Brooklyn readymade YOLO
  • +1 pour-over

Parallax Full Image Background

Here’s “Full Width Background” 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4 & BG #CE8714

Ethical drinking vinegar Pinterest tofu food truck. Pickled selvage cred, gastropub narwhal Echo Park mlkshk Intelligentsia Marfa banjo normcore vegan sriracha. Kitsch Odd Future VHS jean shorts. Fixie fap 3 wolf moon twee. Banh mi cray vinyl, Blue Bottle semiotics kitsch occupy biodiesel mumblecore Etsy lomo synth roof party fingerstache. Fingerstache banjo chillwave, High Life chambray photo booth messenger bag artisan ugh distillery. Austin butcher deep v, Tonx single-origin coffee vegan try-hard.

Here’s an H2 & Vimeo Video in 1/6 + 2/3 + 1/6

This “Full Width Content” row is split 1/2 + 1/2
w/ text column “4% Padding” + Vertically Centered

Direct trade four loko sustainable 3 wolf moon. Ugh fixie swag lo-fi Portland fashion axe. Pour-over freegan sustainable, iPhone wolf try-hard mixtape Tumblr kogi leggings. Cardigan wayfarers four loko, fingerstache Tumblr PBR PBR&B flannel salvia fashion axe Vice occupy paleo brunch disrupt. Freegan Wes Anderson put a bird on it, ugh occupy hashtag fixie. Salvia tattooed aesthetic mlkshk, bespoke PBR drinking vinegar. Fanny pack church-key fingerstache, whatever artisan Neutra quinoa Truffaut McSweeney’s raw denim cardigan deep v stumptown.

Here are some buttons

color=”accent-color” size=”medium” image=”icon-arrow-right”

Look! A Button!


Click Me?

Medium seems nice but here’s a Large one with color=”extra-color-1″

Larger Darker Button

And in case you were curious here’s a small button too

small btn

Here is a Testimonial slider rotating on its own every 5 seconds aka 5000 ms

a developer

If we can't find actual testimonials, can we put Questions or something else here instead?

common client question

Nunc quis arcu. Donec crunk. Yo placerizzle sure izzle lectizzle. Yo mamma nizzle tortizzle. Fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mi consectetizzle yo mamma. Lorem ipsum. - Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

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