Craig Jacobson

Chief Marketing Officer

Craig loves finding the blend of psychology and technology that move consumers along their path to discover and choose new products that improve their lives. He comes from the mindset of a business owner, which means he doesn’t like wasting time or money. His craft has been forged over three decades of building hundreds of effective marketing systems, which aggregately have yielded hundreds of millions in topline revenue for his clients, several of whom enjoyed 100X revenue. He is a hands-on marketer focused on small business growth. Craig believes that marketing is a team sport best conducted with a team of skilled professionals. He loves helping realize people’s dreams and seeing products reach their potential.

Craig is a Duke Fuqua Business School MBA, an award winning Infusionsoft Consultant, a reformed corporate marketer (Johnson & Johnson, American Hospital Supply, Harte-Hanks), and an enthusiastic small business owner. Additionally, he has co-founded several bootstrap startups. Personally, Craig has been married to his wife for 30 years and together they’ve raised and nurtured two daughters to a productive adulthood.