Tracy Reid

Chief Operations Officer

Tracy Reid started her professional journey as a Finance Major at Santa Clara University. After earning her undergraduate degree, she found her first and final home at Ninthlink. With the owner Jeromy Stallings and a small team of 4 producers, they grew the agency to over a million in revenues within the first 5 years together. With her financial and project management background, she is currently the Chief Operations Officer. She is drawn toward fostering client relationships, improving internal processes and helping her team grow both personally and professionally.

Her greatest passions lie in the relationships with the people she surrounds herself with daily. Her family, friends and co-workers are the network that bring her joy, and her silly Boxer Arnold is the Ninthlink office dog. She’s a Certified Massage Therapist, promoter of wellness, and loves any occasion that brings loved ones together. She hopes for others that they can be joyful in their uniqueness and will never close the doors to learning and new experiences.