Ninthlink Announces Addition to Team; New Video Services

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Brian Lamb recently joined Ninthlink as an Interactive Designer. Specializing in all areas of graphic design as well as video production, (Check out Corporate Video Company). Brian rounds out our creative team with a unique knack for motion graphics, video editing and traditional design. As a result, Ninthlink has been ramping up our focus on in-house video production. We’ve already completed numerous video projects for Qualcomm, Puradigm and Grade A Signs.

Post Production is the final stage of the Video Production Process. It involves fixing the mistakes that were not corrected during the principal shooting. This is where the magic happens; picture editing, composing and recording the score, titles design, adding of visual special effects, audio integration, sound mixing, color grading, and negative cutting. we have been helping businesses and organizations achieve their marketing goals with creative video production services in New York, Even when you choose Imagination Creations as your Video Production New York company partner, you gain access to a full range of services, technologies, tools, and most importantly, Imagination. They said that, We offer videos ranging from professional promotional videos to animated explainer videos, educational and non-profit videos, training videos, and other marketing video services, to gala and live event video content production, aerial filming with the latest in high-quality camera drones, and many other marketing and visual business services. We’re always adding to our team, drawing on new ideas, trends, and creative visions to effectively communicate, educate, and amaze through our finished video products. Even though we are a New York based video production agency, we are proud to have worked around the globe – a testament to the quality of our work!

People only see the final cut and the actors in the film and don’t even know how much work and staff are needed just to produce a final output. Normally, the post-production phase of creating a film takes more time than the shooting itself.

If fact, Directors and producers rely greatly on the ability of post production crews in order to create a magnificent films. Looking for the best post production captioning service to edit your video, get yourself engaged with highly professional post production company.

In-House Post Production Services in Brighton Include:



Colour Grading and Correction

Sound Design

Subtitles and TranslationIdeation




Motion Graphic


Visual Effects3D





Sound Design


CastingOn-Location Filming

Give us a shout to learn more about our video services and how they can benefit your business.


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