Landing Page Design & Optimization


A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result, such as making a sale, capturing a lead, or getting a request for more information.  Whatever your goals, Ninthlink can help you achieve them.

In regards to Internet marketing, landing pages are typically standalone web pages unattached to your main website, which have been designed & optimized for a single, focused objective.  Ideally, a well designed landing page will be used for every inbound advertising and marketing campaign you create.Landing Page Design

 When Should You Use Landing Pages?

  1. Segmented promotional offers
  2. Product marketing and sales
  3. Traffic source segmentation & optimization
  4. Support PPC Campaigns, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and other online marketing programs.

Why Should You Use Landing Pages?

Simply put: landing pages are proven to help increase your conversion rates.

Driving traffic to your site is only one part of the online conversion equation.  Having a highly relevant landing page is the other.  Both are critical to the success of your online marketing programs.

Landing pages are perfect for anyone looking for a straightforward way to market and sell a product or other offering online. In addition to being a great conversion tool, our landing page designs can be used as an alternative to a full blown website, and present a exceptional method for supporting PPC campaigns, search engine marketing (SEM), ad networks and affiliate marketing programs.

Landing page design is as much about psychology as it is visual design and nobody understands this better than Ninthlink.  Over the years, they have leveraged their experience to develop proven strategies for landing page optimization, such as the placement of design elements, calls to action, web copy and brand messaging; all of which translates into higher conversion rates and better results for your business.

With our optimization and design services, we’ll ensure that your landing pages are designed for relevance AND optimized for conversion.  Let us supercharge your campaigns, improve your quality score, and increase your bottom line.