Customer Retention Tips for Success

By November 9, 2007 No Comments

Developing a successful retention program takes a lot of creativity and planning compared to search engine marketing. There are no cookie cutter approaches, but there are some guidelines to think about. First, remember value exchange.

A customer purchased a product or service from you to gain value. A successful retention initiative will recreate and expand on this exchanged value.  This idea transfers well into the importance of email database marketing. Understanding why and what your customer’s buy will allow you to market them new products that they didn’t previously know of but well receive value from. Second, allow your customers to connect with your company. The internet has opened up unlimited possibilities for customers to connect with companies. For starters, blogs are a great tool to use. A creative marketer can find numerous ways to use a blog for retention. Some could be input in new products, customer service issues, or story sharing of how they received value from your product/service. Remember, customers are your most valuable asset so love them.

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