Life Theme(songs)

By November 30, 2007 No Comments

Communities are all about people, and all people live in communities…weird huh? So with that distinction I wanted to point out a growing trend in offline communities, Life Themesongs. A life theme is an already prevalent marketing tactic that involves developing a psychographic persona of a model employee or consumer. An analyst will take the ideal representatives of a persona from a group of consumers, and create the ideal persona. People do this themselves in everyday life. They pick a famous philosopher, musician, actor(ess), or personal idol and model themselves after that “ideal” persona. But its hard with everyday environmental distractions to always keep that persona in the forefront of your mind, always asking yourself ww__d (what would __ do)? So I recently got back from a trip to New York and observed an awesome new trend, life themesongs. Almost every 10 people in the city had their iPhones or personal music players broadcasting their anthem to the public. This is just one more way that people can further develop their lifethemes, and something that cellphone providers should exploit.

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