Why is Video Viewing and Downloading on the Rise?

By December 6, 2007 No Comments

Television is still the preferred format for watching shows, but the Internet is seeing a steady climb in persons watching their favorite shows online.

It has been reported that viewing of weekly full episodes of television shows is double from previous year, with reported 16% of Internet users watching TV online on a weekly basis. Their is not a day I wake and check online trends and find another amazing statistic or marketplace opening up, many businesses are starting to use video production from companies like the creative Sydney video production as an approach to the marketing success. 

As demand increases in the market for video production, many students and educational institutes started the Video production courses. To increases the video production skills among the new generation.

So why is the internet becoming so popular for downloading and viewing video content?

My thoughts are that it is convenient – if you missed your show you can go to the internet and watch rather than waiting for the next re-run. It is truly On-Demand, meaning I can watch is when i want and how I want: I can burn the video to DVD and watch on my player, I can watch it on my Laptop, or I can broadcast it through my Home network and show it on my Television. Downloading a video is archival – meaning I can put the show on my data storage device and recall it anytime I want to watch it again.

Please share with me your thoughts on why you think Video is becoming popular as a new form of getting your viewing attention…

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