Online Advertising: Wooing Analysts in ’08

By January 9, 2008 No Comments

I don’t like to constantly quote eMarketer, but they have been releasing some very relevant reports that I feel need to be shared. According to their recent report, UK online ad spending is expected to outstrip TV ad spending in 2 years. Wow, so big things are already getting announced in 2008.

Will US and the rest of the major economic global markets follow suit? I believe most will, with US being one of the last to stay traditional. This is true because most other major economy’s TV industries aren’t tied to advertising as their primary income source like the US is.

Online advertising is definitely more savvy and effective for marketers because of it’s abilities to track and analyze viewer behaviors more superiorly than TV. Since advertising dollars are the backbone of US television income we’ll have to wait and see if stations start moving towards iTV and abandoning traditional TV. That will be the deciding factor in the US for online advertising to pass offline.

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