Act Green, Don’t Just Buy Green

By April 22, 2008 No Comments

Earth Day is right around the corner, and I bet I’ve received over 1000 companies’ marketing communications claiming that they have become green. Their idea of green is a new brand, product, or just the same product but relabeled. This is a problem because buying green is not the answer to solving the issue that is causing us to think green in the first place. So we’re here to promote ways you can digitally change your daily activities and decrease consumption of goods, not increase it.

Use what Google gave you
Google has an amazing suite of products and services that are completely free. One that you should definitely try out is Google Documents. Google has built a replica of Microsoft Office programs online. The best part is that you can do real-time collaboration of creating and editing documents. So next time you’re about to push print think about Google Docs.

Digital Communications
Encourage your customers to receive digital versions of all your sales communications. Promote on-site PDF downloads of brochures, sales promotions, etc. If you have a storefront, ask to collect their email address so you can email them a link to download the brochure. Not only will this encourage them to interact with you beyond their initial store visit, but you will be decreasing paper and ink consumption.

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