TV Ain’t Tubes and Attenaes Anymore

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We have been advocating the broad use of the many platforms that businesses can use to help increase their presence online, from employing video, social networking sites, and the continued use of mobile technology for people on the go.

Here are some recent creative methods the entertainment industry has been using to promote and sell products in the television industry.  These platforms are not just for TV – they can be used in your business today, and we can help make that happen.

Read the following and consider the possibilities…

CSI creator Anthony Zuiker signed a deal with publishing house Dutton to create a trio of suspense/thriller “digital novels” that include print, online video and social networking components, reports Variety. At the end of each five chapters readers will receive a code they plug into a website in order to view filmed vignettes that act as a transition to the next part of the story. The first title, Sqweegel, is due out in the fall of 2009 about a retired FBI forensic investigator who picks up cases on the side.

West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin chose Facebook to break the news about his newest film project with producer Scott Rudin — about the birth of Facebook! Bloggers are wondering who will play the lovably geeky Mark Zuckerberg?

Social media tool and platform provider Lithium Technologies introduced a new blogging tool, extending social capabilities pioneered in Lithium’s community platform to third party sites. Lithium’s reputation and ranking system has been effective in generating online participation, helping producers and network clients recruit and engage with viewers in social networking environments. The company’s technology grew out of community tools developed by Lithium founders Lyle and Dennis Fong for the long running gaming site

Video search engine Blinkx is partnering with Getty Images to help users more easily index Getty’s video and photo content. As part of the deal the company will leverage Blinkx’s AdHoc platform to place contextually relevant advertising against Getty Images’ multimedia, sharing resulting ad revenue. Getty’s digital video content includes live footage from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Adding to the pool of off deck content available for mobile users, Leap Wireless‘ Cricket Communications announced a flat-rate unlimited mobile video service allowing users to view one-to-four-minute-long video clips directly from select handsets. Videos available include music videos, artist interviews, music documentaries and sports clips from Fuel TV.

Lifetime Networksmade its first-ever digital acquisition with the purchase of privately held social networking site/media technology firm ParentsClick Network. Key properties including and mommy blog aggregator MomBlogNetwork will help contribute innovations and audience to Expansion plans include launching a nationwide multi-site parenting network, offering hyper-localization of profile data and user-generated content.

Tivo inked a deal with Time Warner’s Entertainment Weekly to integrate tune-in suggestions from the editorial staff on the service. Tivo will also allow broadband connected subscribers to download EW videos from its web site including new show round-ups and post elimination American Idol interviews.

Technological advances online are happening fast!  It’s exciting to hear about it, think about it, and use it.

How can your company make use of innovations today?

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