Today’s Hot App: Audience Chat

mk-gubbenFans of 24, Two and a Half Men, Nip/Tuck, Life On Mars, Entourge, etc., get ready! Mobile app developer Mobui introduced a new live Audience Chat application soon to be available for a wide variety of mobile devices, including the iPhone, that provides an interface for something viewers already love doing — chatting, texting, and tweeting their friends during their favorite shows. Network partners such as VH1 can set up show chat rooms to facilitate social viewing, sponsored contests or celebrity-moderated events. The iPhone App Store has strict rules about micropayment components (they are not allowed) but Mobui founder and CEO John Burry says the app is a perfect way for broadcasters to promote shows and songs within the iTunes environment.

“They’re opening a bidirectional channel with viewers, allowing them to click from the phone directly to a past episode or a soundtrack,” notes Burry.

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