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How I launched a Facebook Fan Page in 15 Minutes. For Free!

So for those of you that have your Fan Pages rocking. Here was a quick and dirty test of launching a Page using for FREE. Took the email blast that we shot through and turned into a Facebook page for the promotion in under 15 minutes. Stay tuned as I will be working to reveal some great ways to launch a campaign that requires an email opt-in to be a part of the promotion and contest. Happy Vets…
November 11, 2011

How I know my Wife Loves Me I know I have not been blogging lately, for reasons I will reveal in January. But, in my frenzied state of mastering new online marketing strategies for clients... my wife surprised me with a little 1/2 time game changer. Hope to see some of you online in the wee hours of the morning gaining some new rank and file in Call of Duty MW3. Oh yeah.
November 10, 2011

Facebook is Worlds Largest Library of Photography

Holy Guacamole! Did you know that Facebook hosts 140 billion photos, and will add 70 billion this year, according to the blog of photo-sharing site 1000memories. Putting this in context, 1000memories made the visualization above which shows how big Facebook's library of photos are in comparison to other photo sharing sites, as well as the Library of Congress. Incredibly, Facebook is hosting 4% of all photos ever taken, according to 1000memories. It estimates 3.5 trillion photos have been taken through history.
September 19, 2011