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If Google gave you business advice, you’d listen right?

It’s your lucky day! We’re here to celebrate the end of summer by sharing that advice, sharing a taco and sharing a beer.

Join Ninthlink, a creative team of marketers like digital monopoly, entrepreneurs and creative strategists for a live Workshop on “Mobile First Marketing”. Our innovative leaders Craig Jacobson and Jeromy Stallings will be showing off the mobile tactics that are getting customers over 300% improvements in both leads and sales.  Come hang out, learn some secrets and grow your business as you’ll know the advantage of this, just make sure the first thing you get for your business are these review generation tools. Most people love keeping their customers happy so they normally use this reputation management software.
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Learn More and RESERVE YOUR SPOT today!

Mobile First Marketing Workshop
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)
3861 Front St. San Diego, CA 92103

4:00pm to 6:00pm: Craft Beer and Tacos (Complimentary)
6:00pm to 7:00pm: The Secrets of Mobile Marketing
7:00pm to 7:30pm: Q&A
7:30pm to 8:30pm: Social Hour

Something to ponder….What’s one thing that you loved that was replaced by your iPhone?

Puradigm: Fresh and Clean Solutions

Puradigm offers proactive air & surface solutions through a host of products that each contain Puradigm’s ingenious new technology. We always look forward to providing solutions and strategies to companies such as Puradigm as we get a first hand introduction to the superiority of the product and how this will make a difference in people’s lives. We’ve got one of their systems cranking away in the office to keep everyone here breathing easy and staying healthy.

After learning everything we could about the technology and the company, it was time to begin the leg work on introducing Puradigm into the marketplace with a complete branding package. A branding guidebook for Puradigm was crafted to drive digital and print materials, including a logo, type guidelines, color usage, and pages after pages of how to treat the brand. The style guide then paved the way for the Ninthlink team to implement further services such as sales sheets and brochures, 3D renderings of Puradigm products, video production, a total website solution, and a multitude of sales support. We’re excited to show you how we built the look and feel of Puradigm from the ground up. Watch out for a case study in our work section soon.


Calling all Developers – We Need Help


We are Ninthlink, located in Mission Hills. We do awesome stuff. We are fun. We ride bikes to the office, walk to lunch, grow watermelons in our backyard, take breaks to drink craft beer and/or coffee, and never stop innovating. Insert more buzzwords here.

We are seeking a junior to intermediate level Web Developer to join our in-house team. You are someone who is detail-oriented, a fast learner, with experience using various web technologies.

You will be…

  • interacting with our team of Developers, Designers, Marketers, and Project Managers every day
  • supporting various development tasks building new pages and making updates for a wide array of clients and projects across a variety of WordPress / Drupal / custom projects
  • working with Photoshop PSD files and assets provided by our designers and clients
  • working in project management systems (JIRA) and version control systems (Git, SVN)

Because you…

  • are confident in your intermediate/advanced CSS skills
  • have experience building HTML and CSS from design files
  • have some familiarity with Bootstrap or similar framework
  • have a resume and a cover letter
  • have some example of HTML / CSS work you have done that you are proud to show us
  • are excited to continue learning along the way

Bonus points available for…

  • knowing how to export an image or asset from a Photoshop PSD file
  • having a GitHub account
  • knowledge of Bootstrap framework
  • building a responsive website
  • having experience working on a WordPress website
  • working on a WordPress website that used WooCommerce
  • developing a custom WordPress theme
  • working on a Drupal site in either the front end or back end
  • having build something using AngularJS, Node.js, or other JavaScript MVC framework
  • having experience working in analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation
  • contributing on and/or
  • having worked on projects or tasks in JIRA before


  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, or equivalent experience, English is a must but with this can be fixed
  • at least 1 year experience working with an interactive agency, or equivalent

Ninthlink Benefits

  • Friendly motivated team of employees
  • Paid vacations
  • Health ­plan contributions
  • 401K with matching contributions


  • Salary commensurate with experience

Interested? Please send your cover letter, resumé, and salary expectations to [email protected]

You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

We are so happy to announce that this last month we were the recipients of two Communicator Awards – taking home the Award of Excellence (1st place) in the Website – Event category for Qualcomm’s 3G LTE Summit, and an Award of Distinction (2nd place) for the Website – Lifestyle category for Jacuzzi Baths.

Big shout outs have to go to the project management teams that worked tirelessly on managing both of these projects as well as the designers and developers on producing such amazing work.

These awards are a representation of what we strive for on a daily basis; to produce the highest quality of work that we know we are capable of. Working together as a team towards this goal has been the most rewarding part of it all..because let’s be honest, an award is an award, is an award. #unlessitsanAcademyAward #wewouldtakeit. Thank you to the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts for this honor (we think we communicate well too 🙂 )

For more information about the Communicator Awards:

Introducing Ninthlink Ventures

Ninthlink is excited to share with you, the launch of Ninthlink Ventures! Ninthlink Ventures’ mission is to seek out, invest in, and develop the products and ideas we believe in. We partner with stand-out entrepreneurs to take their vision all the way from concept through completion and ultimately onto success.

Ninthlink Ventures was formed to extend an invitation to small, boutique, businesses and entrepreneurs, to partner with a group of like-minded people who want to invest in their ideas and grow together.  Our experience encompasses everything from manufacturing and warehousing to website development, advertising, clowning, retail, marketing, legal services, and underwater basket weaving, to make sure that your business gets set up the right way.

We are looking for Carmen San Diego, have you seen her? Or, if you can’t find her, we’re looking for another individual or group of individuals who think that their idea, product or service that they are offering already is, or has what it takes to be, the best in the space that they are looking to break into. Maybe that space is outer-space, your-space, my-space, or underwater basket weaving.

Check out our page and go ahead and share your vision with us!