Image Search Ads : A Visual Twist on SEM

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If you’ve noticed something different about Google Images, but can’t quite put your finger on it, relax, you’re not crazy; for the first time since its launch in 2001, the service has been completely revamped.  In addition to major interface features, a new product known as Image Search Ads has been implemented, allowing marketers to advertise in an enhanced, more visual way, alongside image search results.

The new ad format will let marketers include an image thumbnail next to text for their ads. They will appear at the top of image search results as sponsored links, and according to Google, will not interfere with organic search results.  As of now these types of ads will only be available on the Google Image search, however, it’s possible we will see them incorporated into Google’s regular search engine.

With Google Images receiving more than 1 Billion page views per day, from hundreds of million users, this new avenue is shore to pick up steam quickly and has added yet another way for advertisers to reach consumers when they are searching for something specific and relevant.

Here is an article that explains the general idea of how Image Search Ads are set up.

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