Affiliate Marketing, Ad Networks & Paid Advertising Wrap Up

Over the month of September we took a look at affiliate marketing, ad networks and other forms of paid advertising, all of which can be used to both drive traffic to your existing site and become additional sources of revenue.

Affiliate marketing programs can be a great tool for both merchants with products and services to sell and for 3rd party publishers of websites looking to make some extra money by referring their users to their partner’s site.  This tactic, along with joining an online marketing agency that uses promotions for your products and services, listed on hundreds of other sites, and more importantly in front of tens of thousands of additional eyes, who otherwise may never have been exposed to your company are great complements to any online marketing or SEO campaign.  One of the great benefits to both affiliate marketing and ad networks is the exposure beyond the search engines your site receives, often at a better price.  As technology continues to advance, ad networks will only become more valuable.  As we are beginning to see, some ads are able to ‘follow’ users around as they browse from site to site, which is known as retargeting.

With seemingly all of the focus in today’s online marketing efforts going to search engine optimization and social media; existing platforms such as affiliate marketing programs and ad networks are often overlooked.  However, these methods are still very important tools to help promote and grow your business online.