15 Touch Points for Scripting Your Direct Marketing Offer

Coming up with effective, persuasive copy to use in your direct marketing offer can be a daunting task.  When all is said and done, you may be convinced the copy you’ve come up with is a sure thing, however, the truth is you really won’t know which web copy works best until you have a chance to test different versions and analyze the results.  Because of this, scripting your offer should be viewed as a process as opposed to a one time activity.  To make things just a little easier for anyone looking to sell products or services online, we’ve created a basic outline of 15 points you should try to include in any direct marketing offer.

Blue: Product or Service Offering: What it is and why I should buy it

1. Product Logo & Tagline- should deliver clear, simple description of key value or benefit.

2. Headline- what is your customer’s pain or issue that needs to be solved?

3. Image/Visual Message- find or create the perfect image that represents the quality or context of your offer.

4. Benefit Points- Why should I buy or act on this offer? Give the visitor 3-5 reasons to take advantage of this offer.

5. Guiding/Supporting Message

Green: Conversion Channel: What you’re telling me to do

6. Urgency Message- a call out for the deal can be used to create exclusiveness for the offer.

7. Supporting Urgency Statement

8. Data Capture- the main goal of your landing page, this should collect all of the necessary data to complete the desired transaction.

9. Credibility Symbols- these are great for building consumer confidence and should be included anytime you’re trying to solicit personal information from a site visitor

10. Action Button- should encourage the desired behavior you have for your audience, for example, if you wanted to get newsletter subscriptions, a ‘Sign Up Now’ call to action would be ideal.

Red: Supporting Content:  For people who require more information or may be a bit skeptical

11. Sub-headline – can be used to feature one of your main benefit points.

12. Intro Paragraph- gives details and continues with persuasive and informative copy.

13. Secondary Visual Message- reinforces your brand message.  Visual queues are very powerful.

14. Credibility/Testimonial Block- another channel to help build consumer confidence, can also be used to incorporate  testimonials.

15. Share- let your customers do some marketing for you.  Having an established social media presence will increase your conversion chances as you build a connection with and continue to educate possible customers.

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