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What Are Your Conversion Goals?

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This is the most important question you can answer before embarking on any type of web design or marketing initiatives. Without clearly defined goals, not only will you be unable to gauge the success of your efforts, but you’ll probably miss out on an abundance of opportunities as well.

Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, increase newsletter signups, make a sale, build your Facebook following, or simply get a lead, it’s essential to have your major conversion points identified. Only then does it make sense for your marketing team to come up with promotional strategies or a web designer to start creating your site, landing pages, or banner ads.

They key to conversion is minimizing the amount of people you lose going from 1 step to the next during any process. The ability of your web presence to achieve business goals is a direct result of Conversion Optimization, which is the process of increasing leads and sales on your site without spending money on attracting more visitors by reducing your bounce rate. This can be accomplished visually through changes to your page layout & design, as well as structurally with the use of proven conversion strategies and the on page presentation of content.

An important thing to note is that each element on any web page should work with, complement and reinforce the other elements, which should all be pushing your users to a particular call to action (conversion goal).

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