We are all Cyborgs

By April 14, 2011 No Comments

In between my Pomodoro breaks, I like to either:

  • Stare at nothing
  • Solve my Rubik’s cube for the millionth time
  • Read a tech blog

I found this a while ago, but it’s a pretty rad link:

I especially like the part about wormholes and being able to connect to somebody, anywhere. I’m a sucker for that kind of sci-fi stuff, but a cell phone as portable wormhole? Nice.

Also, having two “selfs” is a very interesting concept — your physical one and your digital one. Not only that, but having to go through adolescence again (for our digital self) blew my mind.

As far as being a Cyborg, not sure though. Might have to ask my favorite cyborg:

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