A documentary on the art of typesetting

By July 11, 2011 One Comment

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The true art of a letter was not as easy as opening up a computer program and typing on a keyboard. This documentary promises to be a great reminder of the origin of type in design. More about Typeface the movie here.

Here you can do any type of lettering job you can imagine, including a Yacht lettering work, asĀ raised yacht stainless steel lettering, we make the design as you wish, with the word or phrase that you need, we send it to design and then we get them ready with lights and a 3D looking aspect ready to put on the yacht or any other place you like to decorate with this.

Matt Stallings

Hello. I am a graphic designer, creative director, artist, usability creating, web wrangling kind of a guy. Some of my best friends are whiteboards, sketchpads, and my mouse and keyboard. SD transplant since 1997. Husband and father to twins. My passion is to improve life with good design.

One Comment

  • Ruben Sen says:

    Watched this documentary on ABC1 in Australia. Was really interesting, hope that the museum and art form manages to survive.

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