BrowserID: A New Technology to End Password Fatigue

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Mozilla, the company behind the popular (and my personal favorite) web browser Firefox recently announced the launch of a new tool aimed at replacing all of your usernames and passwords online. As a user of the streamlined sign up technology BrowserID, you confirm your email address once and are free to sign into any website that uses BrowserID in just 2 clicks. It’s hoped this decentralized identity system will replace the current authentication process based on site specific usernames and passwords. Even if you use the same U/P for most of the sites you visit, BrowserID will benefit you by eliminating the need to go through the annoying registration process for any new sites you join.

Not only is this a plus for the casual internet user, but developers can benefit as well.  With just a small amount of Mozilla supplied Javascript code that calls in the free email verification service provided by BrowserID, developers will no longer need to code user verification into their site.

BrowserID Features

Easy to use – site visitors get a streamlined one-click experience that works the same on any site they visit.

Cross browser compatibility – even IE and mobile browsers

Decentralized – can be used by anyone with an email address

Respect for user privacy – unlike some login systems (Facebook for example), BrowserID doesn’t leak information back to any server, including it’s own, about the site a user has visited.

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