WordPress SEO Tip For Blog Postings

By October 18, 2011 One Comment

Most people who work with and blog using WordPress are familiar with WordPresses’ Categories system, which allows you to group similar posts together. A new category can be created for any topic you want to write about, for example ‘web marketing’.  In the future, when another articles is written, which also deals with web marketing, it too can be applied to the same category.

Although WordPress allows you to choose more than one category for your blog post, you’d be better off only applying it to one category, assuming it’s a term you’re trying to rank for through search engine optimization (SEO). This creates a siloing- effect where you’ll have a bunch of similar posts in the same category, SEO Services in Brisbane can give you the right advice to rank your website, which is preferred by search engines  and hopefully help your site rank better.



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