Facebook Unveils ‘Sponsored Results’ Search Ad Units

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Facebook’s latest search ad unit, known as ‘Sponsored Results’ lets advertisers target site visitors as they search for specific pages, apps and places using the site’s main search bar.  As a user searches for a specific entity – a link to an advertiser’s own app, page, or custom tab would show up above the top organic result (what a user is actually looking for) providing an effective way to divert traffic from competitors.

For example, a search for ‘Toyota’ triggers a sponsored ad for Suburu above all other results, including Toyota’s own Page.


Ad Unit Details

  • Ads are sold on a cost per click basis
  • Sponsored results are not keyword ads – Advertisers must target specific entities on Facebook instead of broad keywords such as ‘music’.
  • Advertisers are not allowed to drive traffic off Facebook, however, they do have the ability to send users to specific pages, tabs, and applications.
  • Should appeal to direct marketers who sell products online


Only time will tell how effective these ads are.  An obvious drawback and limitation when compared to searching on Google – is the fact most people searching on Facebook have a specific company, app, or game in mind and may not be enticed by seeing an alternative, especially a sponsored one, above their original query.

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