Programs for a Web Developer’s New Computer


Does your job require you to make “the internets”? Do you often find yourself working on things “online”? I do. And if I got a new computer, here are some programs that I would want to install right away, so that I could continue to do the do. Let me know if I missed anything?

Of course if you are doing any real heavy lifting work doing your own Designing as well, or if you are expected to work with designs from designers to do theming or whatever else, you may find yourself in need of the beast that isย Adove Creative Suite

And that’s what I got. Let me know if I missed anything? I know I neglected mentioning specific browser add-ons, but that’s probably another other blog post too.

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  • Carrie Lewis says:

    Don’t forget CCleaner ๐Ÿ™‚ It helps keep it all clean. I heart that program especially when dealing with so many browsers. Speaking of browsers I also download Opera as well.

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