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Think with Google : The Profit-Driven Marketer

Props to Corey Eulas for pointing out this excellent collection of information from Google themselves about a change in mindset to go from thinking about Marketing as a cost, to thinking about Marketing as the full profit center that it can and should be. It seems along the lines of “the more you know” / “knowledge is power.”

If the question is simply would you rather have a cost per acquisition of $80 or of $90, the answer is that it really depends on what both bring. If the $80 CPA gets you a handful of leads from an ad placed further down somewhere, how does the lifetime value of those new customers compare to what you may get from the $90 CPA if that is what it takes to get that number one spot? And maybe more importantly, does your business even have all the analytics and metrics in place to figure out those lifetime values, to track a user all the way through their flow, seeing your ad on their mobile phone, checking up on your company during spare minute or two on their work computer, then going through the final conversion on their tablet while relaxing watching tv in the evening?

It really makes you think … with Google ( ). There’s even a Strategic Guide fifteen page doc with more in-depth analysis, and this “Profit-Driven Marketing” collection is just one of who knows how many other collections of knowledge and insight are hiding in there. What do you think?

Yule Log 2.0 Happy Holidays

Yule Log 2.0 : tt doesn’t get much simpler than that. Props to Tim, another Ninthlink web developer extraordinaire, for this one. Really should’ve set him up with his own account for blogging here, since he’s been here since what, May? Maybe in 2014? Happy Yule Log days to all.

Have you seen the Yoodle?

foxySeems like a particularly yule time yoodle, which’d be the Google Doodle for YouTube for their end of 2013 Rewind. What did 2013 say?

Endurance Response Hosting Troubles – WP 3.6?

endurance response

Chances are, if your website was hosted with bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster, or JustHost, your site has had some issues today. Apparently they are all run by one parent company Endurance Response, and as of writing this around 2pm on Friday afternoon, “Work continues … to diagnose other issues that may be impacting performance.”. Is it a coincidence that WordPress version 3.6, codename Oscar, was released yesterday, and less than 24 hours later some websites are just as online functional as … garbage? Patience seems to be the key. Maybe it is the internet’s way of telling you to get away from your computer and enjoy this, the first weekend of August? Read More

Twitter Analytics for Everyone

twitter analytics

Did you know about this? Did everyone know about this except me? is not just for those Twitter accounts that are actually paying to show up in your timeline whether you are interested in the fact that Internet Explorer 10 is like a Swiss Army knife or not. Anyone who tweets can go to, log in with your normal logins, and then there up at the top menu is a lovely Analytics tab. Just a quick disclaimer : I suppose it could be a little humbling to check it out and see that for however many tweets you tweeted in the past month of tweets, you only go like 3 mentions, and maybe a net gain of 8 more followers. But if you are in to charts and graphs and tables and clicks and high fives and jQuery tooltips , this might be for you. Read More