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Super Simple Super Clean Social Icons


I googled it, I found it, I tweeted it, and I’m still stoked, so here’s a quick blog post : Simple Social Icons is an understatement of a title. Rather than reinventing the wheel over and over, why not use something as simple as this? It’s always nice when WordPress plugins do exactly what you were looking for, right? Read More

Programs for a Web Developer’s New Computer


Does your job require you to make “the internets”? Do you often find yourself working on things “online”? I do. And if I got a new computer, here are some programs that I would want to install right away, so that I could continue to do the do. Let me know if I missed anything? Read More

Is The Mission on fire yet?

not yet

Ladies n gents, your Baltimore world champions. Not so excited by that or by all the commercials? Maybe you or someone you know and love live in San Francisco? Luckily there is a site just for you, at least for the next couple hours til things wind down a bit… Keep checking, I guess?

Facebook’s Year in Review – fun, or not so much?

Today is 12.12.12, WordPress 3.5 codename “Elvin” was released yesterday, and if you need any more of a hint that the world as we know it may be coming to a close, the Facebook has launched their (your) Year in Review today. Go there, and see a slideshow of your “top” (?) pictures from 2k12 , as well as the 20 most commented/liked things that you did this past year? In case you forgot about some key events of your past 300something days. For instance, without it, I would have probably failed to remember one of my top 20 events – that our water heater died at the end of February. Oh, the Facebooks… Read More

Devastatingly Fresh : Stone Brew’s Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA is coming

I don’t think it is any secret that we here at Ninthlink enjoy beer, from time to time at least. And it certainly won’t be any secret in another week or two. Why? Well I guess that is still a secret. But what should be no secret, is that Stone Brewing Co. is releasing another batch of their “devastatingly fresh” “Enjoy By” IPA! Bottling today, with an Estimated Arrival Date of Monday around the nation. Read More