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Well, were you just a little early? A lot early? Right on time. I guess we still another 30 minutes to wait before there are flat UI pieces everywhere. Even looks like AT&T is jumping right in. What’s your favorite color combo? Is the gold one really made out of solid gold?

Posted by Amanda X Blanco on September 19, 2013
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Ninthlink Relaunch: Responsive Website for Mobile Optimization



SFG Finance was having issues with the way their site looked on mobile devices.  Specifically, users coming to the site on their smartphone were greeted with the following view:


David Lussky
By David Lussky on August 13, 2013
Categories: Develop

Endurance Response Hosting Troubles – WP 3.6?

endurance response

Chances are, if your website was hosted with bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster, or JustHost, your site has had some issues today. Apparently they are all run by one parent company Endurance Response, and as of writing this around 2pm on Friday afternoon, “Work continues … to diagnose other issues that may be impacting performance.”. Is it a coincidence that WordPress version 3.6, codename Oscar, was released yesterday, and less than 24 hours later some websites are just as online functional as … garbage? Patience seems to be the key. Maybe it is the internet’s way of telling you to get away from your computer and enjoy this, the first weekend of August? READ MORE

Alex Chousmith
By Alex Chousmith on August 2, 2013
Categories: Tips, Develop

Aug. 01 2013 is Nation IPA Day



We at ninthlink love beer. We are passionate about the process and science of creating a crafted home brewed IPA. We brewed these two IPA’s last year, Outsourced IPA and Streamline Double IPA with the help of master home brewers GenEric Brewing

Matt Stallings
By Matt Stallings on August 1, 2013
Categories: Culture

Pay Per Click: Not Just Any Monkey Can Do It


Ouch, that hurt!

I was once told by a client several years ago that Pay Per Click Marketing was so easy that even a monkey to do it. While that comment was baseless and untrue at the time, it still stung. As you know, perception is reality; and if a customer truly believed that any monkey could run a successful pay per click program, then perhaps I had gotten myself into the wrong business. Years later, it has become clear to most that you need a qualified professional or team of professionals to help run your campaigns properly. Whether that expertise is in-house, from a consultant, or from an agency, Pay Per Click Marketing has gotten so complex that most businesses these days need an experienced set of eyes to help them maximize their investments.

Myth Analyzed

So where does this misperception about Pay Per Click Marketing being easy come from? Perhaps, the notion comes from Google itself. Google has long told advertisers that they can set up an account and be running AdWords in minutes. This is true. Google also has developed an extremely intuitive platform that makes it very simple for people to structure and create a basic advertising campaign. Google also incentivizes new advertisers with coupons, making the barrier to entry more attractive and the initial invoice a little less bitter to stomach. By making it simple to join, Google has perpetuated the myth that Pay Per Click Marketing is simple to do.


Ron Weber
By Ron Weber on July 31, 2013
Categories: Market

Some Serious Skills in Traditional Ornamental Design


This video showcases the astonishing process that David A. Smith puts towards his work as traditional sign writer, glass gilder, and graphics artist.

Craig Wheeler
By Craig Wheeler on July 24, 2013
Categories: Design

Gmail updates the theory of the Inbox. Thank You

This will make life a bit more easy. Thank you Gmail you rock.

Matt Stallings
By Matt Stallings on July 18, 2013
Categories: Video

Ninthlink (Re)Presents Beautiful Organic Catering with Eco Caters

Organic Caterers Eco Caters

Another redesign relaunch in the books, as Ninthlink is proud to present the new look of Eco Caters Organic Catering : From overall information architecture cleanup to a total full-width design update to bring them hopefully at least a little bit closer to the present in terms of look and feel, from the first time we built their site in December 2007. Luckily we had used WordPress for them from the get-go, so even though everything got a fresh coat of fresh, their Blog Archives date all the way way back. With more luscious pictures to add to their already-delicious Organic Menus, and friendly layouts highlighting all the help you’ll get in booking your San Diego Wedding Caterer, or latest Corporate Events, I’d like to think we did them proud. READ MORE

Posted by Holly Stavnes on June 14, 2013
Categories: Culture, Design, Develop, Market

Twitter Analytics for Everyone

twitter analytics

Did you know about this? Did everyone know about this except me? is not just for those Twitter accounts that are actually paying to show up in your timeline whether you are interested in the fact that Internet Explorer 10 is like a Swiss Army knife or not. Anyone who tweets can go to, log in with your normal logins, and then there up at the top menu is a lovely Analytics tab. Just a quick disclaimer : I suppose it could be a little humbling to check it out and see that for however many tweets you tweeted in the past month of tweets, you only go like 3 mentions, and maybe a net gain of 8 more followers. But if you are in to charts and graphs and tables and clicks and high fives and jQuery tooltips , this might be for you. READ MORE

Alex Chousmith
By Alex Chousmith on June 12, 2013
Categories: Market

Coming Soon; Google AdWords Image Ad Extensions

Coming soon to AdWords… Image Ad Extensions. Apparently being tested in beta, or newly out of it, this new extension will add images with your ad at no extra cost to the advertiser. That being said, image ad extensions are typically shown to the advertiser in the top position – often the one willing to pay the highest amount per click. So, to be rewarded with this “free” extension you may have to break out your wallet. Of course, the Google auction is also “won” if you have a keyword with a high quality score or have an ad with a high click-through-rate.

Google Image Ad Extensions

All that being said, our guess is that this new extension will go to the advertiser with the top spot, regardless of how they get there. Also, early reports are that images are often difficult to get approved through AdWords. The images must be owned by you; and cannot look like the standard product listing ads. In a good way, that means advertisers can design ads with “personality”, something not currently available on the search network. All of these additions enhance relevancy and improve the overall experience users have with Google search. Currently, these ads are being shown to only about 1% of all US searches but we expect to see more of these in the coming months. As always, AdWords continues to innovate and continues to distance itself from the competition. Google is the premier search network and finding ways to improve their ad delivery and make more money in the process. If you don’t own Google stock yet, now might be a good time to buy…


Ron Weber
By Ron Weber on June 11, 2013
Categories: Market

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