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Online behavioral targeting… How does it make you feel?

I just read an email from a CEO of a Search Engine Optimization firm and he brought up an interesting point of view that many marketers don't think about, how does it actually make a user feel when they know they are being behaviorally targeted?  It was described pretty funny, he claimed he had lost his behaviorally targeted virginity, and felt very used after the experience.  Maybe I'm naive, but I'd rather have online advertising catered to what I want…
April 12, 2007

I Heart Music Exploration

Good thing I have a job where I've got headphones on most the time. The internet along with it's Web 2.0 capabilities are making it way too easy for me to stumble across amazing music. One of my favorite tools for this endeavor is - an internet radio station that's got a brain working just for me. This all brings me to my list. I've got a magical list that I can conviently pull up at the drop of…
April 12, 2007