Online behavioral targeting… How does it make you feel?

By April 12, 2007 No Comments

I just read an email from a CEO of a Search Engine Optimization firm and he brought up an interesting point of view that many marketers don’t think about, how does it actually make a user feel when they know they are being behaviorally targeted?  It was described pretty funny, he claimed he had lost his behaviorally targeted virginity, and felt very used after the experience.  Maybe I’m naive, but I’d rather have online advertising catered to what I want and need than some horrible ad for losing weight in 8 days.  I believe that marketing is delivering the right value to the right people.  I mean, honestly, how many times have you been searching a page and thought to yourself, “Are you kidding me, why would they think anyone on this page would want that?”  It might be creepy, but to me online BT is a good addition to online advertising for both sides.

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