I Heart Music Exploration

Good thing I have a job where I’ve got headphones on most the time. The internet along with it’s Web 2.0 capabilities are making it way too easy for me to stumble across amazing music. One of my favorite tools for this endeavor is Last.fm – an internet radio station that’s got a brain working just for me.

This all brings me to my list. I’ve got a magical list that I can conviently pull up at the drop of a hat. In case of a scenario where I’m working in front of the computer, doing my thing, and like a rubber hose to the knee cap I get hit by some tunes of a calliber so incomprehensible that my brain actually fizzles away. Seriously, I’m useless in these situations, I’m so moved by what I’m listening to that a sensory overload cloud drowns my rationale and renders me useless – except for figuring out what the hell I’m listening to. Therefore, to bring me back where I need to be, I find out what I’m listening to, and add it to the list.

My List

• Gene Harris “Higga Boom” – Blue Break Beats, Vol. 2
• Homelife
• Les Tambours du Bronx Remixes
• Nortec Collective
• Palm Skin Productions – Remilixer
• Trentemoller (http://www.myspace.com/trentemoeller )
• Papa Wemba / if you go away
• dhafer youssef – man of wool
• nina simone
• Chicago Underground Trio – Sion
• The Daktaris – Soul Explosion

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