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If you haven’t guessed, we are doing a community / web 2.0 themed month. Not because we are trying to ride the gravy train of increased press about online communities, but because you truly have something to benefit from these new features during the holidays. Below is a list of ideas that any person could use to make their holiday season easier and more connected:

Can’t remember who wants what?
-Set up a wiki at PBWiki to collaborate with family to create a one stop gift list for everyone that can be updated as quickly as their tastes change.

Want to share the holiday memories in one place?
-Set up a blog with Blogger to share family stories and pictures. One place, one time, unlimited visits.

Stuck on deciding exactly what you want this holiday season?
-Set up a lens on Squidoo that discusses your interests and maybe add a list of potential items and let people vote on which you should get.

If all these tips are great time saving features for the holiday season, imagine if a company put all of them (plus more) together and offered a one stop holiday community site as a gift to their loyal customers.

Jeromy Stallings

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