More Superhero Party Goodness

got some updated graphics for the Superhero thursday, courtesy of THE mark murphy, and i like them, so here you go. i was going to post all 4 on one line, like 518px wide, but that just didn’t do them proper justice, so you get 2 per line.

also got a lovely prop from rosey @ san diego: dialed in. if you don’t have her blog in your rss feed / permanent rotation, there is a great chance you are missing out on all sorts of most excellent music, events, news, and all sorts of other excellence. highly recommended.

also, insider word on the street is that The Modlins are set to rock the party at 9:30pm, so you can be fashionably late, and you are in fact encouraged to be fashionably dressed as a superhero (or villain), but don’t be too late?

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