Shaken, Not Stirred

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You’ve probably already seen the link, since I got it IM’d to me 3 or 4 times a few minutes after the shaking stopped, but if you haven’t,, 5.8, SW of Chino Hills. NLK friends at Sundance Spas HQ, we hope you are well, and that the amount of water spilled from your hot tubs was minimal. Here on the 6th Floor, Craig and I were almost out the door (and half way to Maloney’s) before the shaking stopped, and Tracy cracked the whip for us to get back to work. And by cracked the whip, I mean she bailed and is now at lunch. Will she return? Only time will tell. Me, I’m just glad I was not yet done building out another round of clients’ email newsletters that I didn’t take that early lunch to go get a haircut. Can’t imagine the 4th floor of the mall shook much less than here. That could have been bad.

Update: I’m not sure if I can see into the future, or pick up on brainwaves from Chicago areas, or if other people on their own thought of the whole Earthquake <-> James Bond reference, but either way, I originally posted this article at 12:16pm, and at 4:40pm, news that Jack White and Alicia Keys Duet on the theme to the new James Bond movie (yay pitchfork). I thought about tracking down and posting that trailer too, so now I have no excuse. Here it is:

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