The Basics of Racing
Lesson 1: Correct Driver Position

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WARNING: Don’t Use This to Go Get Groceries. But, It’s Standard on The Track.

Every sport has a “ready position” designed for optimum offensive and defensive
play. For example: the feet far apart, low center of gravity stance, of a major
league shortstop. Race car drivers have their stance too. Here are the basics for
getting into a proper racing position: 1) Move the seat bottom forward until you can
depress the clutch pedal, all the way to the floor, with your right foot (Don’t worry,
you’re not going to be using your right foot to clutch. You do this just to get the
proper distance). 2) Tilt the back of the seat forward until you can rest your wrists
on top of the steering wheel with a slight bend at the elbows. Next time: Basics
Number 2: Correct Hand Position.

Businesses need to be in a “ready position” too. A position, just like in motorsports,
that readies them for optimum offensive (and if need be defensive) maneuvers.
For smooth and controlled turns. And for accelerated growth opportunities.

I’m Larry. On the weekends I’m either driving a race car or teaching someone else how.
During the week I’m a Creative Director at Ninthlink. Flag us down. Let us help you
find your your correct position in the market place. And get you on a winning track
with your online business. Call to action: Let’s get you moving. Email me at:
[email protected].

Are you in a ready position?

Do not attempt. Professional branders on a closed course.

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