Ninthlink Commute: Craig

I figure it’s time to post a partially related update to the infamous Ninthlink bike rack. I’m talking about paying homage to my daily commuter and celebrating one of the sets of wheels that makes the rack (and showing up to work) possible. I’d also like to celebrate the fact that I’ve only been over the bars twice so far, a miniscule number compared to my previous rides. In one way or another I do have to count my blessings each time I show up to work in one piece. With nothing but a steep downhill blur of traffic to zig zag through and Molly Hatchet in my headphones, things can get thick at times but I always show up at the front door with a smile on my face. Now as far as the green tip, we all know we can put a shiny gold star next to that idea along with a toothy smile from my wallet which can often times be biting me in the a** instead. All said and done the pedaling commute is a pleasant and addicting experience shared in by a number of enthusisasts disguised as heroes. It’s my cup of coffee riding into work and my relaxing sunset pedaling home. Sorry, that sounds kinda hokey, but compared to gridlock, red ligts, and stop signs it’s kinda like a 6 month buddhist retreat in the himilayas.

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