The Basics of Racing
Lesson 6: Traction Management

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WARNING: Don’t Use This to go Get Groceries. But, it’s Standard on the Track.

Let’s recap. So far I’ve published 7 out 10 BLOGS (3 more to come) talking about “The Basics of Racing”. Each time using a specific racing skill or technique, as a metaphor, that I apply to the world of online design, development, or marketing. In the discussion about “The Racing Line” I told you that finding the line was the most important technical skill to develop. Now let’s talk about what driving a race car is all about. Bottom line: It all boils down to the drivers’ ability to manage traction. The illustration above shows 4 cars. The black boxes represent the tires. While the smaller, colored boxes, represent the “tire patch”. The tire patch is area of the tire that is actually making contact with the track (or road): Car 1 is at rest. This is the only time that the tire patch will be equal on all 4 tires. Once the car gets underway the tire patches become dynamic. They are constantly changing. Car 2 is accelerating. Under acceleration the weight of the car transfers to the rear. This increases traction at the rear but reduces traction at the front of the car. Car 3 is applying the brakes (decelerating). The weight of the car has shifted to the front. The traction is reduced at the rear of the car and increased at the front. Car 4 is making a right hand turn. Because of centrifical force, the traction is increased on the outside tires and reduced on the inside tires. This constantly changing dynamic is what causes cars to potentially go out of control. Not enough traction at the front and the car refuses to turn. Too much in the front and the rear of the car can come out and spin. Etc. Next time: Basics Number 7: Oversteer & Understeer.

Your business needs to traction too. But just traction is not enough. Like a race car, traction needs to be under the control of the driver. A pro. Harnessed. And manageable… Manageable in your favor. When it‘s not your business can get out of control. Lose traction. Spin. Or even crash. Traction equals speed. Learn how to find it and control it.

I’m Larry. On the weekends I’m either driving a race car or teaching someone else how. During the week I’m the Creative Director at Ninthlink. Flag us down. Let us help you find your your correct position in the market place. And get you on a winning track with your online business. Call to action: Let’s get you moving. Email me at: [email protected].

Are You Gaining Traction?

Do not attempt. Professional branders on a closed course.

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