A Ninthlink Cause Thanks “Giving”

By November 24, 2008 No Comments

Despite the current economic woes, we still have so many things to be thankful for. The food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, and the wonderful organizations such as Saint Vincent de Paul who are devoted to helping those who are not so lucky. As a way of saying “thanks” and “giving” back to this organization, Ninthlink Cause showed its gratitude during this holiday season by choosing Saint Vincent de Paul as the November cause.

This cause was a huge success! The team collected over 200 boxes, bags and cans of food to deliver and serve to the people that Saint Vincent de Paul helps. For two weeks we collected all sorts of delicious foods and on the last day of the drive, several members of our team gave up their Friday night to help a noble cause. From 4-7 pm on November 21st, our team served burritos, salad, beans, rice and smiles to a few hundred of the 1.5 million residents, homeless and individuals who benefit from the village’s services.

Every day Saint Vincent de Paul assists 2,200 individuals through its programs which include health services, culinary arts program, food services, case management, mental health services, career and education services, children’s services, short and long-term transitional housing, permanent housing, Saint Vincent’s own Harbor Elementary School, and Josue Homes for AIDS sufferers.

This is a wonderful Cause and Ninthlink Cause wants to thank everyone involved for giving their resources and time to Saint Vincent de Paul.