Recent Trends in Online Advertising


AdMob is preparing for the launch of the new iPhone 3.0 OS by releasing a new set of new ad formats incorporating social networking, search and rich media display functionality.

Social networking units will integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Flickr and Linkedin. AdMob is also combining search and display in a separate new format that will allow advertisers to add search boxes to banner ads enabling users to type queries directly within the ads. The company is currently working with developers leading up to the release of the new 3.0 OS software development kit (SDK) on June 5.

Facebook has added a new feature to its
Facebook Ads solution allowing advertisers to bake interactivity into ads for pages and events without having to leave the page. Users can directly engage with businesses by clicking on the “Become a Fan” link or by RSVPing within the ad. The feature is designed to create a viral effect, as users will be able to see which of their friends are also fans or attendees of the event in question.


In another attempt to persuade Hollywood that P2P users aren’t evil, Vuze released a new study with Frank N. Magid Associates illustrating that file sharers happen to be the studios biggest (legitimate) customers. The Vuze/Magid survey shows that the Vuze audiences attend 34% more movies in theaters, purchase 34% more DVDs and rent 24% more movies for a fee than the average internet audience in a given year. And they’re more tech-savvy and just as deep-pocketed (if not more so) than Joe Citizen:

  • 17% of the Vuze audience earns more than $100,000 per year (= national sample)
  • 65% own an HDTV (vs. 60%)
  • 53% have a home theater sound system connected to their TV (vs. 39%)
  • 41% have a smart phone (vs. 28%)
  • Connected to 55% more people on social networks (300 vs 193)
  • More likely to share opinions about new technologies (52% vs. 41%)
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    Pre-roll ads have been the focus for online video thus far but the medium offers so much more to offer. Tremor Media unveiled a new set of online video ad placements for its Acudeo video monetization platform designed to present the viewer with options to view additional video content such as multiple TV ads, product reviews, tutorials, or long form branded content.

    Ambitious “storytelling” units allow advertisers to present campaign content in chapter format with alternative paths and endings, navigated by the user.

    “vChoice” units have been tested by some of Tremor’s major clients including P&G, Universal Pictures and Microsoft and are now available on Tremor’s 900+ partner sites.


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