Recession Trend: More Men Spending Time Online


According recent “netnograophic”  research conducted by via Break Media, young males in the U.S. remain nonplussed regarding their financial well being despite the continued recession. About 75% of men surveyed said they feel the same or more optimistic about their future career prospects and continue living life as usual, meaning they will continue to spend on computers, mobile phones, electronics, games, iPods, etc.

About 88% of the men surveyed said they were spending more time online since the downturn, watching TV shows, downloading movies and “looking to score some extra cash.” Some cutbacks have been made: 27% said they have reduced their cable subscriptions.

Spending More or Same Leisure Time Than Before Recession
Activity                                          18-34               35+
Playing sports or working out     72%       65%
Playing video games                  67%            51%
Having parties or get-togethers   65%       53%
Going to movies in a theater        50%       41%
Attending live performance          45%      36%
Going to bars or clubs                 45%       31%

Spending More or Same Time Online Than Before Recession
Activity                                           18-34                35+
Looking at adult content/girls       68%       60%
Watching movies                         65%               47%
WatchingTV shows                       65%             47%
Sharing/downloading videos          61%      48%
Updating Facebook, blog, etc.        61%      42%
Playing video/multiplayer games    54%   45%

Jeromy Stallings

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