Taking Pictures

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What Else Are You Going To Do At Dawn When There’s No Surf? I guess I’ll go take pictures of the Mission Beach roller coaster. The lighting was right, I had my camera with me and some time to kill. I’ve been keeping my camera by my side more since my recent purchase of a Nikon D40 SLR. As much as I design in photoshop, I’ve also been using it to subtly manipulate some of the shots I take. I’ve been playing with the washed out vintage effect and found a nice tutorial on how to achieve it. Thank you to ISO50 who posted photos by Jonathan Mutch who was kind enough to comment a little on his process of achieving a vintage effect using photoshop.

Craig Wheeler

Craig joined the Ninthlink team in 2002 as an intern before graduating from SDSU in 2003. For the last eight years he's been wrangling interface designs, falling in love with various typefaces, and enjoying urban color palettes found on his bike ride to and from work. He keeps the creative juices charged by spending time in the ocean and mountains and a steady routine of yoga and meditation.

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