Under Development: A New Type of Location Sharing

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There have been a lot of location- based applications developed to help connect you and your friends and family using GPS via your mobile device.  Applications such as Foursquare, Brightkite, and Google Latitude, give users the ability to broadcast their locations anytime, anywhere to anyone else using the same service.  With all of these exciting new capabilities being put to use, we here at Ninthlink, couldn’t wait to get involved. We’ve been working with Qualcomm to develop the online/web side of a different type of location sharing service.

Qualcomm’s location sharing service, currently under development, is called NEER and will be available soon as a Beta version for the Android phone, with iPhone and a supporting website soon to follow.  What makes NEER different from the other location sharing applications is its attention to privacy.  Not everything you do or everyplace you visit needs to be displayed for the entire world to see, which is why Qualcomm decided to develop this service.  It’s private, automatic location sharing, which allows you to share your whereabouts with only those in your life, who want and need to know.  And it’s not everyplace you go, just the places you decide to include.  For instance, if your husband or wife has left work and are on their way home, as long as they have their phone with them, you will be able to tell without having to text or call them to find out.

While currently under development, you can get more information here, and continue to check back for even more details.

David Lussky

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