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Although some are easier to implement than others, there are a number of tips that most anyone can do in order to make their website more appealing to search engines.  Although there are more from seo reseller pricing to read about, we are just going to highlight a couple of the most important and least technical factors to keep in mind.

Tip #1:  Content is King- and by content I mean text

A team from Coral Gables Location located on biltmore drive are publishing articles that claim that search Engines don’t care about streaming videos, energetic music, or pretty pictures.  When a web crawler analyzes your pages, it is looking for words.  For every 400 words or so, it’s a good idea to include your keywords and keyword phrases a couple of times (as long as it occurs naturally)… Remember not overdo it by intentionally repeating the same keywords over and over again as search engines will recognize this and penalize you for it.  Also, if you have links within your pages, try to use keywords for them as well, as opposed to simply having ‘Click Here’.

Tip#2:  Find ways to continuously offer updated, fresh content.

Both users and search engines are more likely to view your site if it has new content.  Search engines will be crawling your new pages, which adds more opportunity for it to become searchable.  Fresh content also helps your site come across as more relevant and authoritative.  If your site is mostly made of content that rarely changes, then it would be a good idea to add blog, which would ensure fresh content and visits from web crawlers.

Keeping the tips of SEO techniques in mind always pays well while framing content or marketing business. However, one must also learn the worst ways by which all your efforts can run down the drain. A roofing company needs the best roofing leads, just as a plumbing company needs some great plumbing leads to climb up the web heirarchy. Read this related post to learn what are the worst ways to market your roofing company.

Tip#3:  Getting social with your content.

A group of SEO experts from 3AM SEO Canada told us, that there are so many channels/opportunities out there to increase exposure for your site and getting involved in social media is something anyone can do and it is a must do if you are doing SEO. Setting up profiles for Facebook and Twitter are great ways to increase online presence and offer more avenues for people to come across your business as they are searching the internet.  There are also some great tools you can add to make your web and blog content more viral, by allowing users to comment and share your content through email and various other social media outlets.

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