The Booze Cruz

A couple year’s back, my old buddy Sean asked if I could design some graphics for a beach cruiser called the “Booze Cruz” he’s going to be producing through his BMX company Revenge Industries. The Booze Cruz is all about pedaling to the local bar or liquor store and letting the good times roll. He wanted a collage of beer bottles, six packs, 40’s, etc. I even threw in a beer bong just for the heck of it. It was definitely a fun little project for me – and I was happily paid with 2 Booze Cruz beach cruisers to call my own. So as I’ve been proudly pedaling one around the last few years, I’ve had the other one in storage. So, over the weekend, I took some fresh pictures of the bike before it goes on Craigslist and thought I’d share this project.

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