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Keys to a Top Converting Website

By October 21, 2010 One Comment

Even with the advances in technology and online sales tools, the average conversion rate for websites is currently around 3%.  Fortunately this number is just an average and not the rule as there are numerous examples of companies that have great conversion rates by comparison; ProFlowers, for instance has a conversion rate of 26.5%.  We are going to take a look at some of the most important secrets to top converting websites as well as what some of the top converting websites do well.

Successfully selling products or services online can be a daunting task for anyone; even if you actually do have a great, one of a kind product or offering it can still be difficult to get your message out there and turn site visitors into customers, and more importantly into return customers.

Top Conversion Websites:

Are very good at communicating their unique value propositions.

They remind customers why they want to do business with you.  What can you offer that your competitors can’t?

Make persuasive and relevant offers.

Free shipping for example is a top motivator for people to buy; it’s relevant to everyone, doesn’t cost much and has a huge impact on conversion.  The conversion rate for doubled after they began to offer this.

Reinforce the offer globally on the site.

Constant reminders not only get your message across to the consumer, but it builds confidence, which ultimately will lead to more conversions.  It’s important to include this during the checkout process as well.

Create a “digital scent”

To make it easy for potential customers find your brand.  This begins with effective SEM, which will allow users to find you.  From there it’s about visual communications such as pictures and prices to entice people to continue.  Important effects such as banner ads and landing pages need to be integrated to create a cohesive experience.

Use Reviews

Not only can good reviews be used to build credibility and promote your products, but they can be used in navigation to help people find products (sort by rating).

Use persuasion principles

Creating urgency is a good tactic to improve conversion rates.  This can be done through the use of ‘limited time only’ offers or by conveying scarcity of product availability, however it’s important to not stretch the truth too far.

While not all of these tips, in addition to what is included in the article will apply to all sites, they offer a good starting point if leveraged correctly.  If there are any tips you know about that the article left out, please share and comment!

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