So You Want 14% Conversion Rates? We can do that…

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Last week we began running A/B test for one of our client’s landing pages.  We served up 2 identical versions of the same landing page, with 1 small difference:  For landing page A, we used ‘sign up’ in our button under the data capture, and for landing page B, we used ‘get info’.  Although everything else on the page was the same, and even the result from a user entering their information was the same, one of these outperformed the other by a long shot.  So which one was the clear winner?

It was option B.   Apparently the finality of ‘sign up’, which only converted at a rate of around 1% was a turn off to people, whereas option B wasn’t as decisive and converted at 14%, a number most people would be ecstatic to achieve.  This is a perfect example of the prominent role the choice of language has in the psychology of conversion online and another testament to the importance of A/B Testing, without which, we may have stuck with ‘sign up’ and ended up losing out on a lot of opportunities.

David Lussky

David has been a Project Manager with Ninthlink since 2009. He enjoys the beach, electronic music, outdoor activities, traveling, and dominating in fantasy sports.

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